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Vision, Mission dan Goals

Vision of the Legal Science Undergraduate Study Program 

To become a qualified Legal Science Study Program that produces qualified law graduates with high morality based on Pancasila (5 principles of State Ideology) who are able to compete at the international level.

Mission of the Legal Science Undergraduate Study Program

  1. To conduct higher education in legal science which is based on community, equality, innovation and creativity in science development; to produce graduates who are knowledgeable and have high integrity so they are capable of competing at the international level;
  2. To maintain the systems of an educational institution based on the good governance principles which are transparent and accountable;
  3. To develop intellectual attitudes with high critical ability in order to improve the quality of human resources through various legal and societal issues and build up the law system based on Pancasila (5 principles of State Ideology).
  4. To increase awareness of the law in society which epitomizes the law culture through various academic activities to support independence and strengthen society;
  5. To build collaboration and develop networking with both national and international institutions to enhance the position of the Faculty of Law as valuable element in society.

Objectives of Legal Science Undergraduate Study Program

  1. To produce graduates who master legal science both theoretically and practically with high integrity and who can compete at national and international levels;
  2. To produce high-quality ideas, opinions, reasonings, and concepts to realize law-based life and improve quality of life in general, supported by highly qualified human resources who are sensitive towards legal and social issues;
  3. To conduct social responsibility in developing a law-abiding society and the assurance of human rights and to realize the supremacy of law by the formation of the law culture through dynamic interactions with the society in commencing the social welfare.
  4. To develop UNS Faculty of Law as an accountable and professional institution in conducting a dynamic higher education of law which is based on integrity, morality and unity which benefits can affect the individual, group, society, nation, and country.