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The real laboratory for the FH UNS is the community in which legal problems and phenomenon occurs, either ones that follow the laws or ones that breaking the law.  In the campus, there are several laboratories available:

  • Moot Court Laboratory

BoL UNS has four moot court laboratories in the building 3, which occupies 150 M2 areas. Each room is equipped with tables and chairs of judges, prosecutors/plaintiffs, as well as lawyers/defendants, defendant/witness seats, court visitor seats, barriers, hammers, flagpoles, toga, legal documents, prosecutors’ charges, defense pledges and judges’ decisions.

  • Video Conference Room

Video conference room is located in Building 2, with video conference facilities connected with the Indonesian Constitutional Court and several universities in Indonesia. The room can load 20 people and is equipped with computers, LCD, sound system, air conditioner, chairs, and tables and occupy 84 M2 areas.

  • Investment Gallery

 The Investment Gallery is established based on the partnership between FH UNS with the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI), and two securities which are PT. Mandiri Sekuritas, and PT. Danareksa Sekuritas. This gallery aims to facilitate BoL UNS students to learn investment mechanism in the capital market. The facilities that are available in this room are seven-unit computers and two officers.

  • Computer Laboratory

Computer lab is located in Building 3. The computer lab provides tenunit computers, one for instructor and nine for students. This facility can be used to support students’ activities. The hardware and sofware in this lab are updated and maintained continuously.