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Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) was established in 1976 according to the Presidential Decree Number 10 of 1976 dated on 8th of March 1976. Faculty of Law has 7 departments, namely Civil Law, The Law and Society, Procedural Law, State Administration Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and International Law. The Bachelor of Law has been rated “A” by the by the BAN-PT (National Accreditation Board) since 1998 until now. In 2017, the faculty in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs, established a four-year diploma program in Demography and Civil Administration.

FH UNS currently has 4 full professors, 33 associate professors, 32 assistant professors and 17 junior lecturers. Most of them have been awarded professional certification by the Indonesia Higher Education Authority (DIKTI) and 22% of academic staff hold PhD degree from overseas and Indonesian universities. Several significant enhancements have been done in the last few years in many aspects including human resources quality, infrastructure (class room, laboratory, learning/teaching equipment), library (text book, journal, reading corner, computerization catalog, human resources/librarian), curriculum, administration system and academic information, management system (academic, personel, finance), quality assurance, teaching and learning process, research, and community services.

In accordance with the Decree of Rector Number 162/J27/PP/1999 concerning the Development of Department, BoL UNS consists of seven departments:
(a) Civil Law,
(b) Constitutional Law,
(c) Criminal Law,
(d) State Administrative Law,
(e) International Law,
(f) Law and Society, and
(g) Procedural Law.

The vision of Bachelor of Law is “becoming a leading program in the field of law by producing professional law graduates having high moral value based on Pancasila noble values and ability to compete at the international level”. Its main objective is to produce graduates having strong characters, legal skill and competencies, and competitiveness at the national and international levels.