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Received Green Light from Surakarta Major, UNS Ready to Conduct Face-to-Face Learning

UNS — Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta stated its readiness to conduct Face-to-Face Learning (PTM) in this odd semester. This information was shared directly by the Rector of UNS, Prof. Jamal Wiwoho, after receiving a green light from the Surakarta Major, Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

Prof. Jamal stated that the coordination between UNS and the City Government of Surakarta had been implemented and even, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, met him directly in the Rectorate UNS dr. Prakosa Building to discuss the PTM in UNS on Friday (27/8/2021).

“Because the level (in Surakarta) goes down from four to three, and there is a circular letter from the Major, who before issuing the circular, in the Friday morning (the Major) came here. The point is, if we are allowed to conduct the face-to-face meeting, then we are ready. At least on Monday,” Prof. Jamal stated on Wednesday (1/9/2021).

Prof. Jamal, who is also the Chairman of The Council of Rector of Indonesian State University (CRISU), stated that he had coordinated with the Vice-Rector for Academic and Student Affairs UNS, Prof. Ahmad Yunus, to discuss the start of PTM UNS next week. UNS will enforce the conditional and gradual principle in face-to-face learning. The conditional principle means that the university received a permit from the local government or the Covid-19 Task Force. The students received a permit from their parents, tested negative for Covid-19, and Covid-19 vaccinated. The gradual principle is the implementation of limited classes and schedules for students who come to the campus.

Prof. Jamal emphasized that one classroom can only be used for at most 30 percent of the normal capacity, and each class has a maximum duration of one hour. The Rector also added that UNS had prepared a learning schedule for each faculty, and only 3-4 faculties can hold PTM on the same day. “The faculties are also located far apart. For example, the Faculty of Agriculture (FP) UNS and Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) UNS are far apart,” Prof. Jamal added.

Received Green Light from Surakarta Major, UNS Ready to Conduct Face-to-Face Learning

When asked about the requirement that needs to be fulfilled by students to participate in the PTM, he said that UNS would prioritize students from Surakarta. Another requirement implemented by UNS is students must be vaccinated proved by their PeduliLindungi application or their Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

“We also try to invite parents who allow their children (to participate in the PTM) so that there is a kind of briefing on what to do, the health protocols, and we hope that after class they go home and not hanging out (with their friends), etc.,” Prof. Jamal said.

Prof. Jamal added that PTM that will start on Monday would be prioritized for first-semester students. He also hoped that students maintain tight and disciplined in applying the health protocols. “We prioritized the new batches, but the older batches are also possible. For example, start opening for laboratories, practices, and undergraduate thesis defense. But we emphasized the health protocols. We will also have hybrid learning,” he concluded. Humas UNS