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Following the Government Suggestion, The Rector of UNS Celebrate Eid Al Adha from Home

UNS — The Rector of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta Prof. Jamal Wiwoho and family performed Eid Al Adha prayer 1442 Hijriah at their home, Manunggal 1 Street Number 43 Sukorejo, Banjarsari Subdistrict, Tuesday morning (20/7/2021). Their activity follows the suggestion from the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) K.H Ma’ruf Amin on Sunday (18/7/2021) that suggested Muslim people in Indonesia perform Eid Al Adha prayer 1442 Hijriah from their home with their family—avoiding the usual mosque prayer or open space prayer.

The family’s Eid Al Adha celebration was attended by seven people, Rector’s small family, and his relatives. Prof. Jamal led the prayer and delivered a speech as khatib. In his speech, Prof. Jamal stated that Eid Al Adha this year should be celebrated full of concerns because of the high SARS-CoV-2 infection in Indonesia and the PPKM policy taken by the government to slow down the infection.

“This Eid Al Adha has no overflowed joy because everybody is trying with their full ability to avoid the fierce Covid-19 pandemic, especially with the presence of Delta variant,” Prof. Jamal stated. The Rector added that the responsibility to handle the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia does not stop at the government’s shoulders but also all Indonesian people.

“Muslims should become a backbone and stand on the first line to save themselves and others. Therefore, let’s spread the invitation to ‘jogo tonggo’ (save neighbor),” Prof. Jamal continued. He also asked Indonesian people to accept the pandemic as a disaster with awareness, patience, and following the government’s instruction to implement health protocols.

Following the Government Suggestion, The Rector of UNS Celebrate Eid Al Adha from Home

In his speech, Prof. Jamal also stated that Muslim people should use Eid Al Adha to follow Prophet Ibrahim As and Prophet Ismail AS in following Allah SWT direction. Therefore, Muslims could bring themselves closer to Allah SWT in facing their life by improving their prayers, increasing istigfar, and asking for forgiveness from Allah SWT, increasing istigasah prayer, qunut nazilah, especially da’ful balaq prayers.

“And to fix our relationship families and interaction with the surrounding community, give more charity because charity is a form of our care on our relatives in needs, especially those affected by Covid-19, and getting closer to Allah SWT so that the Covid-19 pandemic will get closer to an end so that we could live normally again,” he stated.

After completing the Eid Al Adha prayer 1442 Hijriah, Prof. Jamal and his families cut a cow as qurban behind his house. He said that this activity is an annual activity for his family. Humas UNS